Basics of Intraday Trading & Some Tips

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The basic thing of Intraday trading is you buy a stock and sell it between 9 am to 3 pm same day.

So the trick of the day trading is buying the stock at the low price at the right time of the day and selling it with maximum percentage profit same day in few hours or even few minutes.

You can make the profits only when the market is going up.

But can you make money in share market if you predict that market is going down? Yes!

You can also make money when you know that prices of the shares are falling down.

There is a concept short selling in share market that allows you to sell the shares without owning it

In such situation, you can sell the shares first & when the price of the stock drops, you can buy that stock in order to book the profit.

Choose One of Your Broker and Trading Platform
I don’t think this would be any problem because you can get your broker in any part of the country you live in.

Usually, there are two ways. If you have a bank account then you can ask your bank to also open a DEMAT account.

So that you can also trade with that account and money will be added or subtracted from your account.

Or you could go for a broker like Share Khan or Angle Brokering or many others.

Both ways you have to pay a brokerage fee. However, people choose to go with a brokerage firm like Share Khan etc because brokerage fees are very less.

However, if you have a DEMAT account with SBI, ICICI or HDFC bank then the brokerage charge is too much.

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