Investment Banking as a Career Option – Pros and Cons

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Nowadays, the career option of investment banker has gained wide popularity among the young people interested in financial field. The fresh graduates of economics or commerce may opt for this career and the easiest way to join this profession is to undertake any suitable investment banking course available for the interested job seekers of this field. These courses are well tailored to provide the required knowledge that enables a person to be successful in investment banking India.


Career path in the field of investment banking services


One can start the career in the investment banking firms as an Analyst. Any fresh graduate can join a two-year program of a reputed investment bank, where they work and learn the successful strategies of an investment banker. The topmost performers as investment banking analyst are rewarded with another three-year program, for learning financial presentations, analysis and administrative tasks in this field.


Next, the successful analysts are promoted as investment banking associates. The fresh MBA postgraduates in finance are also fit for working as associates, where they need to work successfully for more than three years before being promoted to the position of Vice President, if there is a vacancy. The function of an analyst is the same as the associate in investment banking services.


The senior investment bankers may work as Account Manager or VP, Senior Account Manager or Director and Managing Director, which are the topmost positions of this field.


Pros and cons of working as investment banker  




  • Best salary – The jobs in investment banking are counted among the highest paid jobs in the market, which can be lucrative for the competent job seekers. Moreover, the experienced bankers may establish investment banking companies in India and earn without any limit.
  • Interesting job profile – Though the job of an investment banker is quite tough for ordinary people; the brilliant students in finance can easily learn the tactics of this job profile and find this job highly interesting throughout their careers.
  • Lesser competition – As very few people can succeed in entering this profession of investment banking, there are not such competition among the handful number of investment bankers working for a huge number of corporate clients.




  • Too long working hours – Most of the times, the investment bankers need to work for too long even at nighttime, for the preparation of the presentations and analytic works of their clients. Hence, this extra long working hour may take a toll on their health as well, giving rise to several health issues.


However, careful planning can help a person to pursue the career of investment banker successfully and he may shine brilliantly in his career.

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